Glenda M. Beaulieu
135 11th St. N.W.
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
R1N 2S3

June 1, 2010


As a 5th year student, in the Faculty of Education, in the middle year’s stream, at Brandon University; through the BUNTEP program. I am looking forward to my third year student teaching placement. My background includes Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education, and a strong understanding and speaking of the Ojibway Language. My first placement was in grade 7 teaching Language Arts and Mathematics. My second year placement was in Grade 4, teaching all areas. Both placements were done at Yellowquill School in Portage la Prairie. My third placement was in a multi-grade classroom, at Dakota Plains School, I worked with students from Grades 2, 3, 4, and 5. I wish to continue developing my skills in the Middle Years Stream.

I have been described as a hard working, energetic, easy to get along with and can adapt to any situation. I worked as a Substitute Teacher for 2 years. Then an Educational Assistant for 13 years and working with special needs children at Isaac Beaulieu Memorial School 93-05. I have a great understanding and an importance of delivering differentiated programming to meet the needs and strengths of each student. I have been a Foster Parent for 20 years and I have had many children of all ages and different backgrounds come into my home. I have learned the importance of understanding and accepting each as an individual with their own needs. I have worked with students and children if all ages and different backgrounds.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work in your school, along side with a cooperating teacher. It would give me greater understand and experience to associate myself with other teaching communities. Should you have any questions or require and additional information, you may contact me at, my home phone 204-240-7021, BUNTEP Coordinator at 204-856-0368.


Glenda M. Beaulieu

Glenda M. Beaulieu
135 11th St. N.W.
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
R1N 2S3
Phone: 204-240-7021 (H)
204-249-9492 (C)

Demonstration Skills

Strong interpersonal and organizational skills.
Responsible, reliable, dependable; enthusiastic;
Creative and innovative.
-Fluent in the Ojibway Language

2005-present BUNTEP- Brandon University –completed 97 credit hour

1993-1996 Education Diploma Assistant Program- University of Winnipeg

1989 Grade 12 Diploma- Sandy Bay School

Teaching Experience
2009-Fall Student Teacher-Multi-Grade 2, 3, 4, and 5
Dakota Plains School, Dakota Plains, Manitoba
Delivered MB curriculum to the classroom

2008-Spring Student Teacher- grade 4
Yellowquill School, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Delivered MB curriculum to the classroom

2007-Spring Student Teacher- grade 7
Yellowquill School, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Delivered MB curriculum to the classroom

Work Experience
1993-2005 Educational Assistant
Isaac Beaulieu Memorial School, Sandy Bay, Manitoba
-Delivered programming to individual and groups of students with specific and individual needs.
-Followed the Special Needs Program that was given.
-Made alternative and adaptable work to meet their goals.
-Modified Teaching
-Lesson planning.
-Supervision Duties.
-Volunteered for School Activities.
-Extracurricular Activities.
-Took over the classroom when teacher was absent.
1991-1992 Substitute Teachers- Sandy Bay School

Volunteer Experience
2006-October Manito Ahbee –Manitoba Aboriginal Festival
1980-1986 Health and Elders Committee Member
1980-1983 Sandy Bay Pow-Wow Committee Member

Professional Development
2010 June Tatter Teddies Workshop
2010 May Compassion Fatigue Workshop
2009 November First Aid and CPR
2009 April K-8 Power of Ten
2008-October Grade 5 & 6 Mathematics Implementation Workshop
2007- April Fetal Alcohol Family Association of Manitoba Inc.
2004-April Dealing With Violence
2004-February Wellness-The Importance of Balance
2004-January Dealing with Anger in the Classroom
2003-November Dealing With Alcohol in the Classroom
1995- Presenting Yourself Effectively to Groups
1995- Understanding the Needs of Exceptional Children
1994- Cooperative Discipline
1994- Child Abuse in the School System
1994- Stress in Children
1993 Learning Styles: Children and Adults
1993- Playing Fair: TA’s Guide to Behavior Management


Mr. Shawn Harkness
Yellowquill School, Portage la Prairie
Work: (204) 857-8714

Tania Munroe
BUNTEP Coordinator
Rufus Prince Building, Portage la Prairie
Office: (204) 856-0368

Wendy Wylie
Yellowquill School, Portage la Prairie
Work: (204) 857-8714